Saturday, May 17, 2014

Time For a New Goal

So, how are the New Year’s goals coming? Did you set one? Did you already cross it off your list and need a new one? Are you looking to get inspired to create one?  Well, it is never too late to set a goal for yourself.

One more step then yesterday, a few seconds longer in my standing position, or a few more attempts at getting up out of my chair.  Goals are personal, and just as meaningful to you as running a marathon might be to someone else.

You might recall from my earlier post this year, that one of my 2014 goals, the 800lb. gorilla, was to flip a tractor tire, solo, as in all by myself.  They weigh a little over 300lbs, and thankfully you never lift the full weight, but it is large and cumbersome and just getting down into a low enough squat and getting a literal grip on it, is a challenge.

On a Saturday afternoon in April (the 26th to be exact), after our regular workout in the park, I walked out back to find my husband to tell him something and out of the corner of my eye the tire loomed.  No longer snow covered, and looking larger than life, I could almost hear it's low growl calling my name.

Without thinking about it, I walked over, squatted down, and it was up.  I was standing there with a tire on end and desperately looking for my husband to validate to the world what I had just done.

I called out, “babe?”....  Nothing!  No coach/hubby coming to see.

I called out again, “baby?”...  and from around the corner of the house he came.  I pushed it over in front of him with a grin wider than my hips, and it hit the ground with a loud, echoing thud.

I then squatted down, and did it again.

My husband was so proud, he couldn’t have been more proud as a husband, a coach or a training partner; and while it was amazing to see his love and happiness for me, it had no match to my own sense of accomplishment. 

It wasn’t planned, it didn’t take more than a few minutes, and I have been walking a little taller ever since.  Time for a new goal!!!