Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Gua Sha for Lipedema

Using gua Sha to break up fibrotic tissue in Lipedema patients
Recently we have heard Lipedema is possibly a connective tissue disorder, and focusing on breaking down our fibrotic tissue can help reduce our pain.

There are deep tissue techniques that your PT or CLT can help you with, such as ISATM (instrument assisted soft tissue massage). 

You can even learn how to do these at home on yourself, and one of these is called gua sha.

The gua sha tool comes in all different materials, and some popular, lower cost, options include those made from jade and rose quartz.

As someone who likes the meaning behind stones, I like to use them in my energy work, and rose quartz is soothing and helps promote self love.

Have you tried gua sha or other ways of breaking down your fibrotic tissue, and has it helped?

Deep tissue can be very intense and painful, please seek advice from your physical and/or certified Lymphedema therapists to make sure it is not counterintuitive for your condition.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Another busy work day, and was feeling like my ride wasn’t going to happen. But I looked at my family and said I’ll be right back, and off I went.

Tried out a new trainer for my 2nd Peloton ride @codyrigsby and worked on upping my resistance in his beginner class (to level 6). Great ride.

I’ll be trying all the trainers’ beginner classes, so I can see which trainers I vibe best with. 

When I looked down at my bike display at the end of class, it had me realizing when all is said and done I’m already going over 20 minutes (when you add in the ride countdown, and the amount of time I’m pedaling before the class starts, it is closer to 23 minutes), so why not try for 30 next time?

I’ll see how my recovery goes, as Lipedema can give you a wake up call real quick. 

But I love that my mind is feeling ready to go a little longer ♥️

Takeaway… put you first, it is ok to sneak away to get a ride in; it doesn’t have to be all of nothing, it can be all or something - whatever you are able to do in the moment, is enough. You are enough!

I’m LipedemaFitness on the @onepeloton app, if you ride, share your app name in the comments and I’ll find you.

Will be figuring out how to do a group Lipedema Fitness ride soon!

#lipedemafitnesschallenge  #allorsomething 

UPDATE: post ride recovery and my knees were not happy with level 6 resistance, so I will be dialing that back a bit. With Lipedema (and hyper mobile EDS) my joints can twist really easily, and I have to be mindful of how my body moves. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Dry Brushing for Lipedema

Sunday is usually my rest and recovery day. 

That might mean taking a nap, but always includes various self care treatments.

Caring for Lipedema can be quite expensive, both in cost and time. 

So when we find things that are low cost, and have a low time commitment, we might question if they really work.

Dry brushing is one of those things. 

Typically a brush is under $15, and only takes about 5-10 minutes to brush your body.

Just like MLD (manual lymphatic drainage), it really moves our lymphatic system, which in turn boosts our immune system.

A win, win, as we head into the winter months, during a global pandemic.

What is your rest day, and what At Home self care do you gravitate towards?

Friday, November 6, 2020


Did you know you don’t need a Peloton bike to use the Peloton app? 

You can use your own bike; mine is an entry level stationary bike I picked up this summer, so I could participate in the 5th Annual Lipedema Triathlon.

You can try out the Peloton app for free, for 30 days, and then it is $12.99 a month.

AND there is way more than awesome bike classes; there are walking, strength, meditation, treadmill, etc.

I’m excited to take my first ride with @alextoussaint25 in a few minutes (because my sister just finished her 500th ride, and he is her favorite)! 

Go sister, you inspire me!

Look me up in the Peloton app, would love to follow you, and will be wanting to do a group Lipedema Fitness ride! (I’m LipedemaFitness in the app).

Going to get my first ride in! Stay tuned! #peloton #lipedemafitness…

So How Did I Do?

I took a 20 minute beginner class with Alex Toussaint., and learned not to bounce when I pedal (hard with such great music), engage my core, keep those shoulders down, and pull up on the pedals. I don’t have clip in style shoes, like a regular peloton bike, but my bike has pedal straps, so that helps.

But the biggest thing I learned, is riding my bike could be fun again! Riding a bike should be fun! Reclaiming that joy I had as a kid, when I would feel so free, roaming around my neighborhood.