Sunday, February 26, 2023


Many of us with Lipedema also have secondary Lymphedema and we at Lipedema Fitness will be helping to spread awareness with some Come Ride w/ Us @onepeloton rides on Sundays at 2pm ET/EDT

I’m so excited by the rides we chose this year! 

They are reflection rides with the amazing Christine D’Ercole 🥰

Each week the focus of her ride will be on one of the core parts of her famous mantra:

I Am

I Can

I Will

I Do

We will join Christine on a mindful ride concentrating on the power of self talk.

Such an amazing tie in with our #mindfulmovent collaboration last month ♥️

Living with chronic illnesses like Lymphedema and Lipedema come with emotional challenges - I feel this mantra, and Christine’s message, will be very healing. 

Next Sunday, March 5th at 2pm ET, we will kick off these weekly rides with the “I Am” reflection ride (originally from 4/21/22), and I am so happy to announce this ride will be my participation in the Lymphie Strong 5th Annual Virtual Race for Lymphedema Awareness!i

Bravo 🙌🏻 Lymphie Strong! #movethatlymph 

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We will be doing a special ride on Monday March 6th for the 2023 WORLD LYMPHEDEMA DAY and coach will be joining us for that one!

Check out LE&RN for more lymphedema awareness events!