Tuesday, April 18, 2023


Post Conference Blues are real, and challenging. Going from the most supportive cocoon of acceptance amongst our peers, to the cruel world of vulnerability of someone living with Lipedema, can be crushing. 

But just like most things Lipedema, know you are not alone in that feeling. Give yourself some time to acclimate to your new reality, filled with new ideas, new hope, new friends, and yes, some deep sadness surfacing, as we get back into our daily lives.

It's not just a Lipedema thing, either. It is a human thing. Conferences bring together likeminded people, and broaden your horizons. Who wouldn't want to stay in that environment.

But adding the connection that FDRS brings to patients the world over, is unique. Life changing in fact. So that let down can feel overwhelming.

Have you ever been so engrossed in a great book, or television series that you feel part of the story? When it ends you feel sad, and missing the characters you have come to love? Maybe it is just me, but it feels heavy. And leaving real friends, that have been online friends you feel like you know, and now you actually do know - that love grows even deeper, walking away is hard. So why wouldn't we grieve for that emotional loss?

My good friend Brenda Viola, President of Vici Communications, LLC just shared some great tips in her recent blog, Post Conference Blues. I had the pleasure of spending time with Brenda at the recent FDRS Conference in Atlanta, her presentation on Settling Your Worth brought the house down at the end of a very emotional closing day of patient presentations.

The good news is that FDRS shared where the 2024 conference is going to be, so hope you can...

Meet Me in St. Louis!

April 19 - 21, 2024

And while we wait for the conference videos to be edited and shared on YouTube, go check out every year before here.

Thank you FDRS, and to all the sponsors, vendors, supporters, presenters and attendees - you all make it the extra special event it is.

More to come as I move through the grieving process and into the action process, but the grieving process is so important, and I cannot rush it, it will happen naturally.

Join us tomorrow, April 19 at 8pm EDT for the LIPEDEMA PATIENT ROUNDTABLE hosted by Lympha Press, where we will all share what it was like for us, and have some special guests as well.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Lipedema Fitness: Mobility Aids

Let’s talk about mobility aids. Not an easy topic I know.

Since menopause, my lipedema symptoms have flared up and my walking has taken a hit. I have not been able to walk around the track during workouts, have limited what I want to do outside of the house, and even getting to and from work has been challenging.

I’m still strong, still doing a lot of my workouts, but walking took the biggest hit. 

I’m not sure if you have ever experienced not being able to walk, but it is soul crushing to watch it slipping away again.

I even contemplated not attending the FDRS Lipedema conference this year, as it would require a plane ride vs a car drive (what we did last year). I didn’t think I could navigate the airport at my current walking ability.

Then I remembered Nancy, a lovely Lipedema friend from last year’s conference, and her amazing upright walker. I had seen many later stages at the conference using mobility aids, and I knew my next step, should we decide to go, was to get that walker Nancy had.

The awesome upright standing walker (or rollator I think they are called when they have wheels) I picked up is the one pictured - next to the grocery cart.

Grocery cart? You might ask yourself, is that a mobility aid? 

It sure is. 

A mobility aid is any device that aids you in being mobile. Walker, cane, walking sticks, crutches, wheelchair, and even a grocery cart.

When I go shopping, having a cart is a must. Not just for carrying the groceries, but because using it keeps my back in better alignment for walking. Which is exactly why when I saw Nancy using her walker in that very upright position, I knew it would be extremely helpful in navigating the airport, and the conference in general, for me.

Emotionally it is not easy to take that step, my walker is still in the box. But today is the day she comes out!

I started thinking beyond this trip and about the places I could start going to again.

I got excited thinking about being able to walk the track again, and my brain started swirling with new ideas… so get ready for some #walkerWODs this spring/summer 💜

Do you use a mobility aid?