Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Food Sensitivity and Lipedema: Results are Ready!

Received my Food Sensitivity Report on July 28, that is completed using a state of the art Bioresonence machine, and four strands of your hair (more will be needed if hair is under 1" in length). 

I find this data fascinating, and I am looking forward to my experiment with an elimination diet of the foods listed as ones I am highly and moderately sensitive to.

An elimination diet is for four weeks, and then you start to add in items (one at a time) from your moderate sensitivity list, and see how your body responds to it over the next couple days.

I could choose to focus on all the things I cannot eat, but instead I’m going to focus on all the things I can eat. Make recipes based on those, and start tracking how my body responds over the next four weeks. 

It will be a little weird, as I’ve been low carb and intermittent fasting for a while now, I have not seen results other Lipedema patients have by following that way of eating, and come to find out, my hair test results show I don’t have issues with lots of the foods that are limited (or eliminated) in a low carb way of eating, so it will be an adjustment to try new things I am used to avoiding, and forgo old things I relied on.

My biggest surprise was dairy, the entire category is on my highly sensitive list. I love 🧀 so that will be a challenge, but one I know I can do for four weeks to find out how my body responds.

Some of the things I am hoping for, reduced swelling and reduced pain. I've also heard dairy free can also help with sinus/allergy symptoms, and that is definitely something I suffer from on a regular basis.

When you add in Lipedema, and how different we all seem to present and respond to different treatments (including ways of eating), this could be a very enlightening experiment.

#strongertogether is a code for 30% off on their website right now. My maxi health test (which tested 970 items) was originally $80, but it came down to $56 with the 30% discount. They also offer a smaller mini health test (400 items) for $55 before discount.

I would like to thank Cheryl Scoledge, and her Facebook support group: Lipedema and Food Sensitivities - Take Control of your Lipedema, for the great support and recommendation of this test. Here is a video of Cheryl talking about her experience.

I will be sharing here more as my experiment continues. Off to the store this weekend to stock up on all those yummy options that are on my list of no sensitivity. Wish me luck!

Lipedema: Break the Habit of Negative Self Talk

Don't be your worst enemy, stop the negative self talk and learn to live a healthier life with lipedema
Sometimes we can say and/or think poorly of ourselves; sometimes internally; sometimes in our homes, when we are the only ones there; sometimes with close family and friends; and sometimes with total strangers; not knowing the damage thinking and saying those negative words can have on ourselves (and on others).

It can be hard to break that habit. 

I get asked often how I changed this behavior. For me it was changing what I saw everyday by following people on Instagram that looked like me, by joining plus size fashion, and plus size fitness groups, who had strict rules about no diet talk, no weight loss talk, absolutely no negative self talk. I never thought about any of them, what I thought about myself. What society had taught me to feel about myself. It took years of re-teaching myself what I found appealing, that all bodies are good bodies. And yes, I still have low days when I need reminders, too.

This morning reading an artist I follow talk about self doubt, not in her body, how she looks, but her artistic talent. She questioned if her making art was worth the sacrifice of time, time she could be doing laundry, etc., she questioned if what she made was worth it. This artist even gets haters on her page trying to shame her for how much paint she uses. Can you believe that? But those thoughts creep in when her guard is down and add to her own self talk about her art, her process.

This comment was amazing. I think it works for negative self talk, too. So I thought I would share it, I love the physical, the active way this person deals with these words that surface.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Lipedema: Sharing Vulnerability with Your Support Team

Sharing your vulnerability with your Lipedema support team
My family headed to a local lake for canoeing and relaxation this past weekend, and it was glorious.

Before we left I confided in my husband that I wasn’t sure about going. 

I wasn’t sure I would find a place to feel comfortable, because I knew I was not able to get into the canoe due to my legs progressing this past year as I transitioned through menopause, I was unsure of a place on the shore where I would be able to get out of the direct sun, and I knew an extended time period sitting in my folding chair would cause some leg pain as it cuts into the back of thighs.

The heaviness in my legs matched the heaviness in my heart.

It is sometimes hard to share the vulnerable days. Those of us with Lipedema can feel pretty vulnerable from day to day, and even moment to moment.

Sharing when we do can help take the sting out of it. Can help shed some light for your loved ones so they know what might be going on behind the scenes, and voicing it can help lessen the power it can hold over you. 

Rest days are necessary for everyone, and especially so, for those battling a chronic and progressive illness like Lipedema. 

It’s ok to have vulnerable moments, it’s ok to decide there are not enough spoons today and a rest day means a lay down, get some much needed sleep in.

I was grateful I shared with my husband. I was grateful he shared with me his feelings, and grateful I went and could see this beautiful river up close and personal, and watch my daughter paddle with her best friend on an adventure they are sure to remember always. 

Here is to your rest days! May they be healing, reflective, and bring you peace in whatever way you need ♥️

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Lipedema: You Do You!

Lipedema presents and responds differently in each of us, you have to learn what works for you and know you are your own best resource.
What does that mean?

It means each of us with Lipedema can present with different symptoms (Ex. I may have pain to the touch, but you might walk around with constant pain; or I may have lymphatic concerns, but you may not, etc.). 

It also means that we respond differently to treatments, like I might do really well with weight lifting, but you might do better with cardio.

One of the biggest controversies is what way of eating works best for Lipedema.

Guess what? Yep, that is different for each of us, too. 

Just like supplements, surgery, and on and on.

Living with Lipedema becomes about finding what works for you.

So a word of caution, anyone saying their way is the only way, is someone to be cautious of. 

No one thing is good for everyone. Those “if it worked for me, it will work for you” people may mean well, but it is your job to figure that out for yourself.

Sharing what you try and how it works is still the best way to figure out where to begin, and is how we find the common helpers that work for many - like changing the bad advice of we should not be exercising into exercise is good for us!

Keep trying new things, keep sharing what you do/learn about your body. ♥️ we are stronger together.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Picnic Table WOD

Using what is around you to get a great workout in; like deadlifting a picnic table!
Saturday in the park (we are back baby). Our WOD today was socially distanced and at the dojo, but in the lovely park area outside the dojo.

We started with our regular warmup (3 rounds of 10 each: sit-ups, pushups, squats, Samson stretch and good mornings).

Followed by 10 rounds of 10 wall ball Sit-ups (10lb. Medicine ball); 10 rounds of 5 picnic table deadlifts; and picnic table clean and presses. Swipe to see the movements.

The biggest challenge today was the humidity, it was hard to breathe before we even began. 

Did you know exercising in high temperatures and humidity increases your core body temperature, and in an effort to cool itself, your body sends more blood to circulate through your skin. This leaves less blood for your muscles, which in turn increases your heart rate. (Mayo Clinic).

So go slow, get plenty of fluids so you don’t get dehydrated, and keep an eye on what you notice with your body. 

Working out first thing in the morning and seeking shade can be a big help when working out outside.

With Lipedema we have to be extra careful, especially when we are wearing several layers of compression. So don’t try pushing yourself as hard when heat and humidity are not an issue.

Also, remember if you haven’t been working out like you are used to, due to Covid, you will need some time to build back up to where you were at.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Lipedema is not Lipidemia

Lipedema is not Lipidemia - one is a fat disorder the other is high cholesterol
One of the most frustrating parts of having Lipedema is that most doctors still don’t know what it is.

Currently there is no blood test for Lipedema, so chances are if your doctor says “let’s run a blood test” they heard you say Lipidemia (not Lipedema), and think you are concerned about your cholesterol.

It is one of the reasons Europeans say Lipoedema.

To add to the frustration, a lot of doctors stop listening to you, talk over you, can’t see beyond your size, and just start talking gastric bypass surgery (which they also don’t know - bypass surgery will not do anything for Lipedema tissue).

Don’t give up. You can fire your doctor and find one more knowledgeable, or at least one more open to learning more about Lipedema.

UPDATE: Platelet factor 4 is a new breakthrough, so hopefully there will be a blood test for Lipedema soon (probably a couple years from now).