Thursday, March 2, 2023

Lipedema Fitness: Living in Compression


Having #lipolymphedema means I wear #graduatedcompression every day for the rest of my life. 

I personally wear Juzo dynamic knee highs in 30-40 mmHg strength because of my secondary #lymphedema - I also prefer a cm silicone border to help them stay put and not roll down (which kills when it does). 

WHAT IS GRADUATED COMPRESSION: Graduated compression starts stronger at the bottom (40 mmHg) and gradually lessons (30 mmHg) as it goes up your limb, this helps your body push the lymph fluid up instead of it pooling in your limbs.

When I first got fitted for compression I cried. It was not easy to transition into it. 

At the time it only came in black or tan (now it comes in great colors), and was so thick; it took some time for me to get good at putting it on, we actually joke that putting compression on is the workout!

I’ve actually punched myself in the face on accident trying to pull up my compression leggings. Woof, and I know I’m not alone in that.

Wearing it under pants is challenging, and under workout pants can literally take your breath away - and wearing it in the summer can suck the life right out of you. 

BUT - I would much rather wear it than be without it, because when my legs swell up with lymph fluid - it is excruciating. 

The compression also helps my #lipedema and #hypermobileehlersdanlossyndrome by supporting my legs as I move, lipedema legs can be very heavy and the tissue moves freely (uncomfortable and painful) and the hyper mobile EDS means my joints can dislocate really easily. 

Having the support from the compression helps a lot. 

Let me know if you have any questions, and there is a great live product review of my knee highs in my Instagram video section from a couple years ago (click here).

Sunday, February 26, 2023


Many of us with Lipedema also have secondary Lymphedema and we at Lipedema Fitness will be helping to spread awareness with some Come Ride w/ Us @onepeloton rides on Sundays at 2pm ET/EDT

I’m so excited by the rides we chose this year! 

They are reflection rides with the amazing Christine D’Ercole 🥰

Each week the focus of her ride will be on one of the core parts of her famous mantra:

I Am

I Can

I Will

I Do

We will join Christine on a mindful ride concentrating on the power of self talk.

Such an amazing tie in with our #mindfulmovent collaboration last month ♥️

Living with chronic illnesses like Lymphedema and Lipedema come with emotional challenges - I feel this mantra, and Christine’s message, will be very healing. 

Next Sunday, March 5th at 2pm ET, we will kick off these weekly rides with the “I Am” reflection ride (originally from 4/21/22), and I am so happy to announce this ride will be my participation in the Lymphie Strong 5th Annual Virtual Race for Lymphedema Awareness!i

Bravo 🙌🏻 Lymphie Strong! #movethatlymph 

Follow #lipedemafitness on the #peloton leaderboard


We will be doing a special ride on Monday March 6th for the 2023 WORLD LYMPHEDEMA DAY and coach will be joining us for that one!

Check out LE&RN for more lymphedema awareness events!

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Rest & Recovery Post Compare

JANUARY 2023 Post: Physical & Emotional R&R

Rest & Recovery is a regular go-to for me on Sundays, our hardest workout day tends to be Saturdays and my body lets me know it needs that rest on Sunday. 

But the rest day is equally as important for our emotional well-being. 

Giving yourself permission to rest (isn’t that a powerful statement, I give myself permission) to let go of the heavy lifting (mentally). 

Sometimes rest days are an active recovery, like a walk in nature, a recovery bike ride, etc. but some rest days are completely unplugging and detaching from all the distractions our lives may be presenting.

All the focus on mindfulness, creating daily prompts, and really thinking things through has made me emotionally exhausted this week. 

Time to tap out. I’m going to take a shower, spend extra time on non Lipedema self care, and look for a nice recovery ride, because my bike has become a place I can do as the instructors tell us, and drop the baggage. 

Turn my headphones up high and sing along, sorry family 🤣 How are you unplugging today? 

#mindfulmovement #lipedemafitness #restday 

NOVEMBER 2022 Post: Purely Physical R&R

Rest and recovery days are so important, and part of that should be tuning in to your body and seeing what you notice. 

Did you have a hard workout and feel specific muscles you want to target in your recovery today? Did you tweak something that might need massage? Do you need extra sleep?

For me today is about my glutes, lats, and calves. The hard workout yesterday has left me with some very sore muscles and as I gently work on those that are screaming loudest, they start to ease up and some of the others will then start to speak up. 

The coolest thing I’m noticing is my sore bits are muscular from a hard workout, and not painful Lipedema bits.

The other great news is how my journey has progressed over the past ten years, now instead of my lower legs feeling like one big sore part of me, like a solid mass, I can isolate calf muscles that are sore, and feel them, so I can stretch them and massage them to ease them. 

I liked my vibration plate session this morning and looking at a recovery peloton ride to take as well.

How do you recover?


I find it interesting to review these two posts from a few months apart; one purely physical (from November) and today’s Mindful Movement Collaboration post that is both physical and emotional, with a lean towards the emotional rest needed.

I love how riding the bike in a Peloton recovery ride was the go-to for both ♥️

Finding an activity that can be helpful for both physical and emotional well-being is a win!

Sunday, January 1, 2023


Began in January with Amy Winehouse
For those that do not know, Peloton has a series of rides called their Artist Series, which are basically a 30 minute ride spotlighting one artist/band per ride, with various trainers leading the rides.

I began in January with #amywinehouse and then my friend justine joined in, and my sister a few weeks later.

The #queen ride was our first group ride, and to quote their song #dontstopmenow we were having such a good time and shouting from the rooftops for anyone who wanted to join us.

It felt a little like when we were back in our clubbing days and texting throughout the week as the next ride was chosen (I added the list of rides to a random name picker app to determine the ride each week).

We just wrapped up the year last Friday with #usher and already have #linkinpark lined up for this coming Friday. We hope they keep adding rides as we have done most of them.

If you want to join us - we ride every Friday at 6pm ET.

So many amazing rides
MOST FAVORITE RIDES: This was not an easy question for any of us, we each had a hard time picking just one, but my sister went with #fleetwoodmac and Justine went with #foofighters and I keep going through them all and am so torn, but would have to say #foofighters also. I have taken that ride numerous times, it is simply amazing, but the ride this year was super sad as we did so as a tribute to #taylorhawkins - we miss you.

I’ve taken some rides not seen here, and the #billieeilish ride was incredible, too!

My old school heart loved #davidbowie too ⚡️ 

The trips down memory lane were always pretty awesome, and #weezer I think surprised us most, what a fun ride!

On a personal note: I ride to help keep my mobility as someone #livingwithlipedema that is not easy, but I learned I ride to help keep my sanity, too. A full #mindbody experience.

We think Lizzo was the only artist with 2 rides?!

FUN FACT: I think #Lizzo is the only artist with 2 Rides?! We took both!

Thank you @onepeloton for your Artist Series!

Here is to continued Friday Night Rides w/ Us in 2023 - they may not be Artist series rides, but they will all be fun!

#pelotonateverysize #lipedemafitness #mindfulmovement #moveyourlymph 

One of these rides was not an artist series but was so fun!

Closing out the year with some epic rides.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Lipedema Fitness: 10K Members Strong

This blows my mind! 🤯

Just noticed we have 10.2K members in our Lipedema Fitness Facebook support group (and all members personally have Lipedema). 10,000 people who 100% get you!

We started this group to spread awareness for #lipedema and the importance of staying active.

It went against what the advise was back then (the fear that exercise could make our symptoms worse), but that has all changed. Now medical professionals advocate for staying as active as possible, and suggest our group to new patients!

Over the years we have supported each other through many challenges, and we have learned first hand that we are stronger together! We do not have to walk this journey alone.

I never wanted anyone to feel alone with this condition, and I never knew how grateful I would be to this condition for bringing me the most amazing friends.

For all those thinking about sharing your story, or starting a group, please do it. 

We may all have similar stories, but each is unique in their own way, and you will reach so many others and keep this awareness building until the world has no other option but to listen and help us find answers, and treatments, and one day soon, hopefully a cure.

Thank you to every single member in our group! You inspire me every single day. 

Thank you to every medical professional that sees us and helps in so many wonderful ways.

In July we will celebrate 10 YEARS!


We will celebrate something fierce!

Feeling incredibly grateful 💜 

#lipedemafitness #strongertogether #allorsomething 

Sunday, December 11, 2022

MODs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Modifications (MODs) come in all shapes and sizes. 

Including this beautiful Sven grass green sofa 😍 but any sofa, chair, bench, bed, etc. will work.

When we sit/stand we are doing a squat. When I first started training post #lipedema diagnosis I would use a sit/stand as my MOD. 

The taller the item you are using, the less challenging the movement. A bar stool or high bed is a great place to start. 

As you get stronger, you can lower the item, and/ or do a squat to where you just barely touch the item with your bum and then stand back up, instead of sitting fully down. 

Doesn’t matter how many you can do, they all count. #allorsomething 

Modifications (MODs) come in all shapes and sizes, Part II

Including this beautiful kitchen sink cabinet 😍 but any sink, counter, table, wall, etc. will work.

When I first started training post #lipedema diagnosis I would use our kitchen sink as my push-up (and pull-up) MOD. Not only because I had to build up the strength to do a push-up, but also because kneeling hurt so much, it was excruciating. Standing push-ups became a way I could ease into the movement, and regain not only arm strength, but core strength, too.

And  even though I can now do them on the floor, I still do push-ups at the sink pretty much whenever I go into the kitchen.

The taller the item you are using as your MOD, the less challenging the movement. 

As you get stronger, you can lower the item.

Doesn’t matter how many you can do, they all count. #allorsomething 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lipedema and Kneeling Pain

After last week’s burpees post I have received numerous questions asking me how I can kneel (because Lipedema can make kneeling incredibly painful).

Over the years I’ve gotten better at being able to kneel, but when I started it was excruciating for me, too, and to help I would pull the cushions off the couch and kneel on those. I also used the sturdy furniture in the living room to help pull myself up.

Gradually it got more bearable, and I got stronger in my core and upper body,too, which helps a lot. Then I transitioned to the dojo and would use a crash pad or stacks of mats, until another dojo had to borrow them, and I moved to the floor (which is also covered in mats).

When we are outside I rely on a yoga mat. The thicker the better, and this one from @gaiam (called the essential) is the thickest one I can find. And you can fold it on itself for even more layers.

Other options I’ve seen, but haven’t tried are these silicone yoga jelly knee pads, and this exercise balance pad by @prosourcefit which can be used to make yoga poses more challenging, but also as a cushion for sitting, kneeling, etc.

Kneeling mats are everywhere, you can find them geared towards gardening, or even the auto garage! 

Some of these may still be too hard, so you might have to get creative. 

What these pads/mats/cushions all have in common is they help to dissipate the pain. Just like trying to use more of my shin when the pain gets to intense on the knee.

Do you use anything for cushioning when kneeling?