Thursday, May 18, 2023

MLD for Mental Health

The Lipedema and Lymphedema communities know how valuable Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD is to our self care, because of how backed up our lymphatics can get, but did you know it is also really helpful for your mental health, too?

It helps to reduce anxiety, fatigue and stress.

I got thinking a lot about the Linda Anne Kahn presentation from the #fdrs2023 Conference - “The Issue is in Our Tissue” and how we hold past trauma within our tissue.

With May being #mentalhealthawareness month I wanted to remind everyone that a simple self MLD session can not only help to get your lymphatics flowing but can be really healing for any emotional stressors going on, too.

Last night during the Lipedema Patient Roundtable we talked about #allorsomething and how taking even  small steps towards our self care or movement can have a big impact, that it builds upon itself, and this is also a very good option.

Even if you only have a few minutes - massaging the Vagus Nerve and/or doing some self MLD on the lymph node areas can help give you some instant relief emotionally, too.

I know self care can get very overwhelming, so when I can find double wins for the same treatment, I’m all in!  I can help Move My Lymph to help my physical self, and help my emotional self at the same time. #winwin 

Take care of you 💚

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Stop Bullying the Person in the Mirror

Living with Lipedema is challenging physically, as well as emotionally.

We deal with body judgement from others on a regular basis, but we have no control what comes out of their mouths, only how we choose to respond to it.

But we do have control over what we say about ourselves.

Sometimes it is downright vile and full of hatred. 

Other times it is less obvious, maybe we make backhanded compliments at our own expense. Or we belittle something positive someone else has said about us.

Are you self critical? Do you focus on the negatives and struggle appreciating all your positives? 

Do you expect perfection? Keep thinking about what you could have done better? Lifted heavier, walked further?

Do you struggle accepting compliments? Do you discount what you can do because of needed modifications or taking a rest?

Would you say to another Lipedema person, what you say about yourself?

My MO was jokes at my own expense, a common one. Thankfully my loved ones call me out when those try slipping back in. And they do still try, we all have bad days. 

The advice we are given when trying to combat this is to become our own best friend. Which is a great visual.

But my boot camp to self love is a bit more robust, it is mama bear energy on high. Because we deserve it. 

And we don’t have time for anything less. So get your mama bear gloves on or whatever your defender energy is, and start defending you.

Step one: reread posts or comments you have made about yourself last week. Edit out the negatives and only leave the positives. You may find that leaves nothing, and ask what good is the post?

If you remove the post, so be it. You removed the hatred. And you are not the only one reading it, others will read that message for years to come. 

Tell us something positive about yourself… we will wait 🥰

May is mental health awareness month, what emotional self care are you doing for you?

FYI: that mirror is my actual mirror, it is by Trixie Mattel 💖 and my daughter has the 💚 one.