Monday, August 14, 2023

Lipedema Fitness: Elevate Your Legs

Yoga straps (or belts) are a stretching aid; a great prop for helping you with challenging yoga poses. 

It becomes an extension of your arm, allowing you to do poses you may not be able to without the additional length.

Especially helpful with larger #lipedema limbs that might be challenging to get into the proper alignment of the pose, to allow us to hold the pose longer, which is the goal, and it supports the joints and the weight of our limbs.

We talk a lot about elevating our legs overhead to improve #lymphaticdrainage - A strap like this can be very helpful to do so. 

Maybe your back doesn’t allow you to elevate both your legs overhead, doing one at a time is a great MOD, I like to bend the leg that stays on the ground (doing in bed is also an option) and if one leg is still too challenging, a strap may make all the difference.

You support your body as you get into the elevation, you are able to hold the elevation longer when supported, and the most important aspect is to not be in pain while doing so. Relaxing and breathing into the stretch is when the magic happens. The strap helps this big time.

The straps are easy to use for one leg with the D ring closure cinching up the loop around your foot, and it is also long enough that we can use them as demonstrated in the video for both legs. 

I have one on my nightstand and one in my gym bag. They are inexpensive and a great tool in your #selfcare toolbox 🧰 

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