Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Using a Percussion Massager on Lipedema Legs

Self care doesn’t just happen on Sundays. I practice self care every morning as part of #livingwithlipedema 

Part of that self care includes using a hand held percussion massager, to help break up fibrotic tissue after I’ve warmed up the tissue (by stretching, lymphatic yoga poses, WBV, and pneumatic compression pumping). You can learn more about my full routine in this prior blog post.

After I’m done with the massager, I do self MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) and apply a good lotion before putting on my graduated compression garments every morning.

Video on how I use the massager can be found on my Lipedema Fitness YouTube Channel:

Percussion massagers are becoming more and more a go to tool used by Physical Therapists and Sports Therapists, as well as by athletes and others looking to help in their recovery and self treatment options.

We have learned recently that fibrotic tissue is a big concern for those with Lipedema, and breaking it up looks to improve range of motion and mobility.

There are many equipment options out now, and prices have really started to come down; we use a couple styles, and you can read more about the comparison of this Wahl massager (used in the above video) and a gun style massager we bought more recently in this prior post...

I’m going to continue trying to explain more about my self care in the coming weeks, and include more videos, let me know what you would like to see explained better.

Monday, March 1, 2021

March is Lymphedema Awareness

March is Lymphedema Awareness Month...

Many Lipedema patients have secondary Lymphedema, too.

Most self care we do is for the Lymphedema portion of our condition, moving our lymphatics is critical, and thus staying as active as possible is key!

Unlike our circulatory system, which uses the heart to pump it; the lymph system requires our muscles moving to pump it about.

Walking is a great option, so are things like deep water aerobics, aqua jogging, etc. in the pool - the water acts like natural compression.

But if your mobility is challenging, doing things like ankle pumps and rotations can really help, too. It engages your calf muscle and gets your lymph moving.

Special shout-out to my dear friend @kathrynhack for turning me into beautiful art ♥️ Check out her amazing body positive artwork...