Monday, June 29, 2015

Gratitude - June is Lipedema Awareness Month

I'm not sure if you know, but 3+ years ago I could barely stand, let alone walk, and as I sit here typing I have 11,468 steps registered on my fitbit.
I have primary Lipedema, and secondary Lymphedema (because it took so long to get diagnosed). Most doctors have no idea what it is, let alone how to diagnose or treat it. There really is limited treatment, and there is currently no cure.
3+ years ago I started a new job at the Temple, one I was not sure I could keep because of the walking involved to get to/from work and the huge flight of stairs to get to/from my office.
My loving husband and soon to be coach began working with me in CrossFit (he is a certified CF instructor and amazeballs at modifications). He had been training others for years, and 3+ years ago it was my turn to be added to the team. We switched eating style to the Zone at that time as well, but we don't consider it a diet, it was/is a change of eating style.
We stopped soda and as much processed food as we can, but we still live. We still share in celebratory cake from time to time, and even have pizza after every 5K we finish.
I have grown stronger and stronger over the past couple years, and I am forever grateful to my coach/hubby and my training mates. You know who you are, and I love you deeply.
Survive the Farm 2015 (Obstacle/Mud 5K)
Couldn't have "survived" it without these guys!
Today after our workout I wanted to mow the lawn, and began on the side yard. headphones on, I am sure I was a sight to those drivers passing by. After the side yard, i moved on to the front yard - more performance of singing and dancing while I mowed. I had a ball! I love mowing so much, and it is a great workout, too.
I started to cry towards the end of the lawn. I felt so good, so blessed, so grateful, and I recalled the beginning of my journey back to regaining my mobility. I looked at the driveway, maybe 50 feet, and I recalled those brutal first steps into my training, and here I was 11K plus more steps and I still felt amazing.
June is Lipedema Awareness month. I am sharing here because I want to thank those who mean so much to where I am now, and to spread awareness, so if there is someone out there in a similar situation, feeling their own mortality, please know that little steps do add up. You are not alone.


  1. I am looking to try your crossfit program as I have lipo-lymphedema and have exhausted every avenue I can find. I thought this would work for me. Is there anywhere I can find the beginer program your husband made for you. Praying there is a plan to help me. Thanks

    1. Hi Barbra, I started really slowly with the CrossFit warm up (which consists of 3 rounds of 10 each - pushups, situps, pullups, squats, good mornings (bending at the waist in a bowing movement) and sampson stretch. I started with modifications of these movements - using the kitchen sink for the pushups and pullups, doing my situps on a yoga ball, etc. and as I got stronger the modifications changed, I no longer do situps on the yoga ball, and I no longer do pushups on the sink - I can now do them on the floor. I also started with only 10 of each, then worked up to 3 sets of 10 each. CrossFit saved my life, and I am blessed to have my husband who can modify the workouts for where my body is at. There are CrossFit boxes (locations) all over the world, and they have amazing coaches/instructors that can also modify for you. Sorry I did not see your message sooner, I hope you have found a plan that works for you.