Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bear of a WOD

Saturday WOD (workout of the day) - (20) slam ball with 20lb medicine ball, bear crawl across the dojo, (20) American kettle bell swings with 25lb KB, repeat for 12 minutes. I got as far as finishing the bear crawl into the 4th round (so 80 slam balls, 7 bear crawls, and 60 KB swings).
It was brutal. After the first round coach/hubby alerted everyone that 3 minutes had passed. 3 MINUTES - what the what??? We were all dying, and breathing was hard and fast; head down and I just focused on each movement as I was in it, keeping form as good as i could, and before I knew it we had 40 seconds left. As my hand crossed the finish line on the last dojo bear crawl, and coach called time, I slumped down to the floor. Not sure if it was a good position or not, thinking I could probably breath better if I stood up, but not being able to move for a few moments.
Slowly I turned over and sat up, a teammate brought me my water bottle (she is such a good partner), and slowly the breath settled, and the heart rate came back to normal. Small discussions, and some of them began handstand walking (impressive to behold); I could not move, and I was OK with that. I just put in 15 minutes of warm up and 12 minutes of actual WOD and I felt good - NO, I FELT GREAT!!!
I knew I had just done a really hard workout for me. I was proud as hell I made 7 trips across the dojo on my hands and feet (coach is trying to prepare me for the survive the farm race so lots of bear crawls in my future).
I sat talking to another teammate, as she asked if coach liked thinking up various tortures for us, and I started breaking down what he actually does... he looks at his trainees (he calls us athletes) and knows what is hurting them (shoulder, knee, etc.), what they are training for (half marathon, spartan race, survive the farm, being able to get up off the floor, etc.) and he modifies and creates workouts that push us, that challenge us, that make us see incredible results when compared week to week, month to month and year to year.
i am blessed to have this coach also as my hubby, truly blessed. I pray that all of you can find a coach with similar ability, because it truly makes a huge difference in what you think you can do, and what you can actually do. We can do it. It doesn't matter what our size is, what our mobility is, we can find ways to use our bodies to move our bodies.
Sorry, very long post, time for a nap smile emoticon - happy Saturday!
(taken from our Lipedema Fitness Facebook Posts)