Thursday, June 5, 2014

Welcome to Awareness

June is Lipedema Awareness month, and I'm working with other bloggers to spread the word as much as possible, so please take a moment after reading my post to check out their posts as well...

According to good old wikipedia, Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, or sensory patterns.  And while I would love for everyone to become aware of, and understand a little more about Lipedema, I am gearing this post to those currently with lipedema.

The biggest lesson I've learned since being diagnosed in 2004, is that I am my best resource.

In a nutshell, I changed my eating style (to Zone Diet in November 2011) and my activity level (to modified CrossFit in March 2012) and within a year and a half, I have dropped about 60lbs., and most importantly, I have lost about 30 inches off my legs.  That is not a typo - 30 INCHES OFF MY LEGS.

Of course to lose 30 inches, you must have a lot to start with, right?  Yes, and I still do.  I am not a size 6 or even a 16, but I have changed how I live, and you can, too.

I am not saying the Zone Diet and CrossFit are what will work for you.  It might, and it might not.  What I am saying, is to be your own resource.  Try new things, and document the changes you see in your body.  Changes can be measurements, recovery time, endurance, etc.

Recovery time was a big indicator for me.  As the amount of time it took me to catch my breath after walking a short distance grew less and less, I walked more and more.  Building up that distance until one day I walked my first 5K.

If something works, keep doing it.  If something doesn't work, doesn't feel right to you, then stop doing it.  Listen to yourself, nobody is a better judge at what is good for you than you.

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  1. Thanks so much for being in the blog hop! I want to try cross fit but I'm scared t won't be able to keep up with the others in the group. Was that a concern?

    1. Thanks so much for starting the hop, it was new to me! My situation is a little unique in that my coach/trainer is also my husband. He is a certified CrossFit instructor and had been teaching a small group of athletes for several years (as well as he had been a CrossFitter for several years prior to that) so I was used to seeing him workout, hearing about the workouts, etc. and finally one day asked what the workout of the day was going to be and he told me what it was and how I could modify it so I too could do it. I do recall the first time going with him to the actual WOD with real athletes and being nervous, but they were really great and over the weeks began to learn about my condition and see me working just as hard and it really bonded us together as a team. I think if you get a good instructor, who you can explain your needs, they should all be able to modify it for various abilities.