Sunday, March 29, 2020

At Home Workout: REBOUNDING

Finding alternate activities since the pool is closed; a rebounder can help you have fun and move your lymphatics.
When you are at home and need some workout ideas, look around your house.

If you are anything like me (and the rest of the world), you have purchased a lot of equipment over the years, and now is the time to pull it out.

I purchased the rebound-air mini trampoline more than 10 years ago, and forgot what an amazing piece of equipment this is.

With our gym being shut down due to #covid_19 my legs have begun to swell more than usual (due to my Lipolymphedema, and because I’m not able to get to my aqua fitness class).

Rebounding is a great alternative to aqua fitness for moving your lymphatics! It is also a great option for way more than that.

Did you know rebounding is said to do 50% more for our bodies than running does? And it is gentle on our joints!

Rebounding is great for improving our lymphatic, circulatory, and cardiovascular systems!

Plus, it’s also good for core training, improving balance and bone density, even NASA recommends it for their astronauts!

UPDATE: I reached out to the company who makes my rebounder with a parts question and the rep answered my question and offered a coupon code to friends and family, so enter code REBOUNDAIRFAMILY for $30 off your rebounder purchase through

What’s in your basement you can pull out to stay active while self quarantining?

Rebounding is great for our health, and it is also FUN!

Here is an experiment I started this week, looking for anything that could help with the swelling; I shared it with my Lipedema Fitness Facebook support group...


Gentle Bouncing - Where my feet do not leave the surface of the mini trampoline. And a forward bend and gentle stretching when I came off the trampoline.

10 Minutes - I did 2 reps of 5 minutes, once at 12pm, and once at 2pm.

I felt unsteady, and a little awkward (because I haven’t used it in a couple years); and boy did my legs feel it. Not in a bad way, but because rebounding engages all your muscles, it is a whole body activity. My legs were a little wobbly as I stepped off.

My swelling went down, visibly noticeable this morning, and I had to use the restroom twice during the night (not typical), and once again upon waking (typical). I also had to use more frequently during the day yesterday, and give me a minute because nature calls...

I’m late stage three Lipedema with secondary Lymphedema, which is referred to as Lipolymphedema.

I had my graduated compression on, I wear Juzo Dynamic Knee Highs grade 30-40. I had work clothes on, and no shoes, due to working from home, typically I would have had workout clothes on.

The rebounding companies recommend loose fitting clothes and no shoes. But I wear my compression because it is too painful if I don’t. Since our legs are compromised, this will have to be whatever is most comfortable for you. Wearing my compression did not hinder my body’s response.

I purchased the rebound-air trampoline about ten years ago, before my diagnosis, as a way to try to get exercise at home. It was the only option back then to support my weight limit, and it was around $450. They make less expensive ones now, think even my model is less expensive, just make sure to get one for your weight needs.

Rebounding is a great activity, but I highly recommend a stability bar for anyone with balance concerns. I have mine placed next to a large piece of furniture that I can hold on to for stability, but a bar would be better.

Rebounding is a whole body activity (engaging legs, core, bum, etc.) that has been shown to be more effective than running/jogging, while being gentle on your joints. I am not saying you should not run/jog, that is a personal choice, but for me those activities are painful, rebounding is not.

It activates your lymphatic system and your circulatory system and is proving to be one of the best activities we can do, not just Lipedema and Lymphedema bodies, but all bodies for improved fitness and health. Google the benefits of rebounding, it is an impressive piece of equipment.

Think I found my aqua fitness replacement during our self quarantine period, and something I will add even when the pool opens back up again.

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  1. I'm a remote teacher with Lipo-lymph, and I bounce on mine all day at my desk. I need to add the water aerobics in. I just feel like what's the point though.