Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Lipedema Fitness Product Review: Cubii Pro (under desk elliptical)

Move your Lymphatics and stay mobile with the Cubii Pro under desk elliptical - check out this review from Lipedema Fitness, and see if this can help you with helping you get and stay more active.
Recently a member of the Lipedema Fitness support group shared that Good Morning America had a Cubii Pro ergonomic elliptical on their #dealsandsteals segment for $218.

Since ankle pumping is a great way to move our lymphatics it peaked my interest. Not to mention working from home can create challenges for staying active.

I purchased it, because I am the Queen of trying things for my group. To see if something our Lipedema bodies can do, and if I find it helpful for caring for our condition.

This was a great deal, as the Cubii Pro lists for around $350. The Cubii Jr. runs around $250. Pro comes with Bluetooth connectivity that wirelessly connects to a mobile app to help you keep track of your progress. Please note that this post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase the item (at no additional cost to you). It does in no way alter the review I provide for any item.

The Cubii came well packaged, included a screwdriver and 4 small screws to put it together (which took under five minutes). It has a handle and weighs about 25 pounds. The deal I purchased came with (2) Therabands, which you can feed through the handle on the Cubii to add in arm movements (again, great for moving our lymphatics and reducing swelling).

It fits under my dining room table, and my knees do not hit the table when using it, although the center support beam on my dining room table does prevent the Cubii from sliding back as far as I would like - an easy fix is to move my chair back, but ideally I would not have to adjust my chair, so I could use effortlessly throughout the workday.

It definitely pumps your ankles, which is great for moving our lymphatics, which reduces the swelling in our legs. It also targets your core (use good posture), calves, quads, glutes and hammies.

Try pedaling forwards and backwards for targeting different muscles, as well as varying your foot positions (having your foot further forward vs. further back on the foot pedal - each will engage difference muscles and parts of the foot). I was surprised at how quickly my muscles felt the movements, especially my quads, I could tell my body was not used to moving in this direction, similar to a seated knee lift, and it was nice to feel those muscles getting a good workout.

There is a resistance dial on the front (goes up to an 8), the higher the number the more resistance, and it is pretty challenging on 8, I am using at a 5 most of the time, and bump up the resistance if I want a more challenging experience.

I began using Cubii while checking emails, then when watching TV (after work) I would use during commercials. Fitting in small increments keeps you active.

PLUS: it really helps move those hip flexors! Key when you have a desk job.

I have not charged it once, I just use it manually. Mainly because the cord does not reach the Cubii while it is under my table, so I would have to move it out and charge it, then move it back in. Not a too heavy thing (again about 25 pounds), but more a convenience thing, and I don't have a need to track my friends on the bluetooth, but I would like to know stride, mileage, time, etc. So eventually I'll plug it in and give it a go.

The bonus on the weight of the machine, is it doesn't seem to move while you are using it, the weight keeps it stationary, which is a good thing. It is built solid.

There were (2) other pieces in the box, 2 wheel stabilizers, if you use while seated at a chair that has wheels, the front two wheels would sit in the stabilizers and thus not roll when you pedal. Smart!

Summary: I think this is a good option (if in your budget) for those with limited mobility, like many with later stage Lipedema, or if you are just starting to get active, or recovering from an injury (knee, hip, ankle). It is very easy on your joints, especially those knees. But if you are looking to replace gym (cardio) type workouts (treadmill, bike or standing elliptical), this will probably not give you what you need. This is a seated option only, they include warnings to not stand on it.

I am dealing with some plantar fasciitis (heel pain), and using the Cubii does not seem to cause any additional pain, like standing seems to do.  

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  1. I'm a fellow lipedema buddy and just purchased my own little Cubii! Personally I LOVE IT! I have a desk job, so I easily spend about 6h a day sitting, often getting really frustrated due to my condition as my legs start swelling and I feel the need to move around. Now, I even unconsciously start the pedals while working at my desk and it provides an instant release of pressure in my legs. Does it replace a full work out? No, but neither should it .. If it’s the choice between just sitting or sitting while softly paddling.. You’re coming out a winner in my opinion, regardless of the low impact. If you have the budget to spare and you're always looking for ways to manage/ improve your lipedema condition.. BUY IT!