Sunday, October 4, 2020

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) for Lipedema - foot positions

When on vacation I use a traveling whole body vibration plate. I don’t have access to my main high end model, so this less expensive option has really come in handy for traveling.

Today I noticed the marking on the platform...

Running / Jogging / Walking

Meaning if you place your feet to the outside of the platform it simulates running (you feel the most vibration). Bring your feet a little closer inward and it simulate jogging (feel less vibration). And bringing your feet closer to the center of the platform simulates walking (feel least amount of vibration).

This is a great way to turn up (or down) the intensity of your self care treatment. It is also a way to help with balance. A wider stance (especially with wider hips of Lipedema) can feel more stable. As with everything we try, you have to experience it for yourself and determine what feels best to you.

Do you use a vibration machine? And if so, do you play around with your feet position?

Tip: if you are concerned about balance, try placing between a door opening or next to the wall and hold on, or sit down and just put your feet on it.

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