Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eating Changes - 1 Year Later

I have been eating zone style for a year now and I feel it plays a big role in the wonderful changes to my body. 

In the past I ate for comfort, I was in a depressive, nothing I can do, state of mind, and food was used to make me "feel better", although in reality it just masked the pain and did more damage to my body and overall health.

In journaling my efforts to increased health this past year, I have realized the effects of eating zone; I can see the added energy during workouts, I can feel the beneficial results in recovery after workouts - food is amazing. Not in the this tastes amazing way (although a lot of it does), but in a look what this food can do for my body way.

I drive a vehicle that requires the highest octane levels for optimum performance; one day that hit me, I notice when I change the quality of the gas I put in my vehicle, and choose to use the higher priced premium grade because it performs better - why oh why wouldn't I do the same for my body?

I think looking at food for more than taste, or memories, etc. (an emotional eating experience), and realizing the basics about what food is, has allowed me to make the transition to a healthier style more easily.

What do you find enables you to eat healthier? Any advice you can give to those trying a new eating style for better health?

Saturday, November 2, 2013



Today found me back on the track, the same track I recently walked for my second 5K this year.  Walking still proves to be my biggest challenge and I will not lie, seeing the track again brought some anxiety this morning.

The workout involved pushing a prowler (picture a wooden sled on wheels, with 260lbs of weight inside, plus a 100lb kid for good measure) for 100 yards, then rotating to the next person in the group, then the next, etc. – all athletes in my group, and they began not only pushing it, but doing so while running.

I was quickly dropped and feeling a little out of place and unfit, when I remembered the graffiti on the skater ramp (a butterfly that had reminded me of my lippy sisters being on my journey with me back during the 5K).

I was looking forward to seeing my butterfly, but then I saw something new.  Larger than life, expanding across the top of one of the ramps, the word FAITH was spray painted in purple paint.  I reminded myself that I was not alone.

Just then I heard my husband/coach from across the track, “we’re coming to you and then it’s your turn.”  It didn’t take long for them to reach me and then it was indeed my turn.  I lowered myself to the prowler and with my strong body I began pushing, and did so half way around the track.

I finished up and they began rotating their last lap, and I walked proudly for mine.  At the end, when they were recuperating, and as I reached them, I told them I was going for one more lap and I was taking the prowler with me.

One of the guys said he was coming, too, if I didn’t mind his company. I told him I wanted the company, just not any help; I wanted to do it on my own, and I did.  Not just with his, but with my husband and another man in our group walking beside me and cheering me on every step of the way.

TIP OF THE WEEK – Have faith.  You are not alone, and you will get there if you just keep trying.