Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eating Changes - 1 Year Later

I have been eating zone style for a year now and I feel it plays a big role in the wonderful changes to my body. 

In the past I ate for comfort, I was in a depressive, nothing I can do, state of mind, and food was used to make me "feel better", although in reality it just masked the pain and did more damage to my body and overall health.

In journaling my efforts to increased health this past year, I have realized the effects of eating zone; I can see the added energy during workouts, I can feel the beneficial results in recovery after workouts - food is amazing. Not in the this tastes amazing way (although a lot of it does), but in a look what this food can do for my body way.

I drive a vehicle that requires the highest octane levels for optimum performance; one day that hit me, I notice when I change the quality of the gas I put in my vehicle, and choose to use the higher priced premium grade because it performs better - why oh why wouldn't I do the same for my body?

I think looking at food for more than taste, or memories, etc. (an emotional eating experience), and realizing the basics about what food is, has allowed me to make the transition to a healthier style more easily.

What do you find enables you to eat healthier? Any advice you can give to those trying a new eating style for better health?


  1. I love this! You're spot on about comparing how your car runs with how your body runs depending on the type of fuel you put in either. For me, having to go gluten free and cutting way back on sugar really played a difference. My body is like new. - Colleen

  2. My husband and I have started eating healthier. We cut carbs out of our diet and we eat 5 small meals a day. We eat protein at each one. EX: Scrambled eggs for breakfast w/1 - 2 pcs. of bacon; mid morn. snack two rolled up pieces of ham/turkey/roast beef, what ever you have. Lunch; a vegi and maybe some leftover protein from dinner the night before; late pm snack; either 2 string cheese or a small bag of mixed nuts - no salt. We obviously mix it up.
    We were so surprised that first we didn't miss the carbs!! AT ALL!!

    We make vegis in a whole new way and look at food in a whole new way as well. We make fresh spinach with garlic, pine nuts and a little evoo. Oh my, it tastes soooo good. We cook our asparagus on the stop top or on the grill with a little evoo, salt and pepper (sea salt of course) some toasted sesame seeds and yummo!! We love cooking all sorts of vegis and all sorts of ways. We always have two vegis with our protein. My husband is so funny, telling the kids which fruit has the antioxcedents! We both feel more empowered knowing what is good for us, what it DOES for us. I can't believe the difference. Not just some weight loss, we actually FEEL so much better! Best part is cooking together!

    1. Nice suggestions, great ideas, and love the cooking together is the best part, indeed it is :) thank you!