Monday, January 26, 2015

"Move into your life (Making Exercise Work For You)" - 2014 FDRS Conference Presentation

In September 2014, my coach/hubby and I were honored to not only attend our first Lipedema Conference, but to also be there as presenters, and share our story of how fitness has given me back my mobility and the ability to Live with Lipedema.

Here is the video of that presentation, as found on Youtube, as are all the presenters.  I highly recommend you find the Fat Disorders Research Society 501c3 channel at Youtube and watch them all.

FDRS put on an amazing conference and it was very wonderful (and emotional) to be in a room full of 100+ other women just like me, living with Lipedema.

The video is about 24 minutes long, the opening is a warm-up led by my amazing husband Bob, which is typical before all our workouts, to ensure joints are loose and ready to be worked, and then I take over the mic for some info on how my life has changed since my diagnosis...

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