Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Social Distancing and Loss of Self

How Covid and the act of social distancing has changed who we are.
It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of week five of social distancing, due to Covid-19, and no real end is currently known. BUT PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP - we are staying home to do our part, so the healthcare workers can do all they can do to take care of those infected.

Our healthcare workers are literal heroes! A huge thank you to you all!

Social distancing is working, we are seeing the effects, lives are being spared, so take a moment and realize that you are part of the solution because you are practicing social distancing. That is not a trivial thing, so thank you!

While we are doing our part, it is also critical to recognize that because of social distancing, we are "experiencing a traumatic loss of self." (click the link to check out a great article on Psychology Today by David Braucher, Ph.D.

Our normal schedules, our typical daily routines, have come to an abrupt end, and due to that huge and swift change, we are feeling a great loss of who we are.

So what do we do?

Just like needing to come up workarounds for at home workouts, we need to come up with workarounds to find ourselves and experience those things we are missing.

The first step - get back to your normal routine.

What was your typical day like before social distancing? How can you be creative to come up with ways to get as close to a normal day at home?

It won't be exactly the same, but it will definitely help. And by doing so, you will be creating new routines, and feeling proactive in seeking out critical self care. You know I'm a huge fan of fighting back against Lipedema, against that which makes us feel like a victim, and this is very similar to what we are feeling now with social distancing.

Here are some ideas...

Socializing (online of course) but set up a time to call a friend, actually talk to them, hear their voice, or face time them (my sister reached out to me via our Portals last week and it was just what I needed). Some are setting up zoom socials and having multiple friends online, we even held a smallish one with some of the Lipedema Fitness members, think it is time to schedule another one.

Mimic your normal routine - have a favorite coffee you would grab on the way into work? Try to order it online and make it at home. If you miss your gym and those after work classes? See if they have some online classes you can join, or videos of your favorite trainers doing a class you can follow along whenever you are able to. You will be surprised by what it means just to see their face and be reminded why you took their class in the first place. 

Get take out from a favorite restaurant - this not only helps you emotionally, it really helps your favorite restaurants survive, lots of them offer curbside pickup! Miss meeting up with your favorite person over a meal there? Both of you get takeout, facetime, and eat together.

The biggest take away from this is be gentle on yourself,
you are doing an amazing job. 

If you need help and don't know what to do, reach out - get on Facebook or Instagram and message someone, tell them you are struggling and see if there is a time they can connect with you. If not, try a few more, and if still not finding help, please try contacting the Disaster Distress Helpline (1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746).