Saturday, October 31, 2020

Getting Up/Down Safely with Lipedema

The following is a compilation of posts and videos I have shared with my Lipedema Fitness Facebook support group; each showing various methods of how I get down to, and back up off, the ground. 

Safely getting off the ground is a big deal in later stage Lipolymphedema patients, our balance becomes more and more challenging as we advance, and carry more fluid in out bodies.

Some cannot manage getting up, 

A big part of my workouts include getting down (and back up) from the floor. Which was my initial goal when starting to train after my Lipedema diagnosis and after listening to wrong advice being given to us about exercise being bad for our symptoms early on in my diagnosis.

When I began training again I had lost nearly all my mobility and could barely stand. I am grateful to the strength training and improved core strength that allowed me to achieve this goal, and I try to do some ground work as often as possible, to keep being able to do so.

Tried a new getup from the ground, using no knees (after watching the Dr. Jo video I posted earlier today, my brain was like “I wonder if I could do that?”)... and my body said YES WE CAN!

This is seven years in the making, lots of core work, and lots of pushup progressions - from doing standing pushups against my kitchen sink, to gradually going lower in what I used to modify (table, bench, stacked mats to finally being able to do them on the floor, which also started me on my getoff the floor work). 

Then I started being able to hold a plank, and worked up to how long I could hold it, which involved lots of walking out with my hands from a piked position, then walking my hands back in.

This is not a move I’m suggesting people do, you can really hurt yourself, it is a post to show progression, and how important the body weight moves we do are, especially for functional fitness. 

Being able to move our bodies through space is such a gift, one we need to continually work on and try to improve, especially as we age, and/or advance in our Lipedema. I use my upper body strength so much in moving my body throughout the day.

Last video of getting up off the ground from a seated position. I typically turn over and use my knees, but have been working on other alternatives. Learned I could do this after Turkish getups last year. Love learning new things.

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