Friday, November 6, 2020


Did you know you don’t need a Peloton bike to use the Peloton app? 

You can use your own bike; mine is an entry level stationary bike I picked up this summer, so I could participate in the 5th Annual Lipedema Triathlon.

You can try out the Peloton app for free, for 30 days, and then it is $12.99 a month.

AND there is way more than awesome bike classes; there are walking, strength, meditation, treadmill, etc.

I’m excited to take my first ride with @alextoussaint25 in a few minutes (because my sister just finished her 500th ride, and he is her favorite)! 

Go sister, you inspire me!

Look me up in the Peloton app, would love to follow you, and will be wanting to do a group Lipedema Fitness ride! (I’m LipedemaFitness in the app).

Going to get my first ride in! Stay tuned! #peloton #lipedemafitness…

So How Did I Do?

I took a 20 minute beginner class with Alex Toussaint., and learned not to bounce when I pedal (hard with such great music), engage my core, keep those shoulders down, and pull up on the pedals. I don’t have clip in style shoes, like a regular peloton bike, but my bike has pedal straps, so that helps.

But the biggest thing I learned, is riding my bike could be fun again! Riding a bike should be fun! Reclaiming that joy I had as a kid, when I would feel so free, roaming around my neighborhood.

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