Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Gua Sha for Lipedema

Using gua Sha to break up fibrotic tissue in Lipedema patients
Recently we have heard Lipedema is possibly a connective tissue disorder, and focusing on breaking down our fibrotic tissue can help reduce our pain.

There are deep tissue techniques that your PT or CLT can help you with, such as ISATM (instrument assisted soft tissue massage). 

You can even learn how to do these at home on yourself, and one of these is called gua sha.

The gua sha tool comes in all different materials, and some popular, lower cost, options include those made from jade and rose quartz.

As someone who likes the meaning behind stones, I like to use them in my energy work, and rose quartz is soothing and helps promote self love.

Have you tried gua sha or other ways of breaking down your fibrotic tissue, and has it helped?

Deep tissue can be very intense and painful, please seek advice from your physical and/or certified Lymphedema therapists to make sure it is not counterintuitive for your condition.

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