Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Another busy work day, and was feeling like my ride wasn’t going to happen. But I looked at my family and said I’ll be right back, and off I went.

Tried out a new trainer for my 2nd Peloton ride @codyrigsby and worked on upping my resistance in his beginner class (to level 6). Great ride.

I’ll be trying all the trainers’ beginner classes, so I can see which trainers I vibe best with. 

When I looked down at my bike display at the end of class, it had me realizing when all is said and done I’m already going over 20 minutes (when you add in the ride countdown, and the amount of time I’m pedaling before the class starts, it is closer to 23 minutes), so why not try for 30 next time?

I’ll see how my recovery goes, as Lipedema can give you a wake up call real quick. 

But I love that my mind is feeling ready to go a little longer ♥️

Takeaway… put you first, it is ok to sneak away to get a ride in; it doesn’t have to be all of nothing, it can be all or something - whatever you are able to do in the moment, is enough. You are enough!

I’m LipedemaFitness on the @onepeloton app, if you ride, share your app name in the comments and I’ll find you.

Will be figuring out how to do a group Lipedema Fitness ride soon!

#lipedemafitnesschallenge  #allorsomething 

UPDATE: post ride recovery and my knees were not happy with level 6 resistance, so I will be dialing that back a bit. With Lipedema (and hyper mobile EDS) my joints can twist really easily, and I have to be mindful of how my body moves. 

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