Thursday, July 9, 2020

Lipedema is not Lipidemia

Lipedema is not Lipidemia - one is a fat disorder the other is high cholesterol
One of the most frustrating parts of having Lipedema is that most doctors still don’t know what it is.

Currently there is no blood test for Lipedema, so chances are if your doctor says “let’s run a blood test” they heard you say Lipidemia (not Lipedema), and think you are concerned about your cholesterol.

It is one of the reasons Europeans say Lipoedema.

To add to the frustration, a lot of doctors stop listening to you, talk over you, can’t see beyond your size, and just start talking gastric bypass surgery (which they also don’t know - bypass surgery will not do anything for Lipedema tissue).

Don’t give up. You can fire your doctor and find one more knowledgeable, or at least one more open to learning more about Lipedema.

UPDATE: Platelet factor 4 is a new breakthrough, so hopefully there will be a blood test for Lipedema soon (probably a couple years from now).

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