Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Lipedema: Break the Habit of Negative Self Talk

Don't be your worst enemy, stop the negative self talk and learn to live a healthier life with lipedema
Sometimes we can say and/or think poorly of ourselves; sometimes internally; sometimes in our homes, when we are the only ones there; sometimes with close family and friends; and sometimes with total strangers; not knowing the damage thinking and saying those negative words can have on ourselves (and on others).

It can be hard to break that habit. 

I get asked often how I changed this behavior. For me it was changing what I saw everyday by following people on Instagram that looked like me, by joining plus size fashion, and plus size fitness groups, who had strict rules about no diet talk, no weight loss talk, absolutely no negative self talk. I never thought about any of them, what I thought about myself. What society had taught me to feel about myself. It took years of re-teaching myself what I found appealing, that all bodies are good bodies. And yes, I still have low days when I need reminders, too.

This morning reading an artist I follow talk about self doubt, not in her body, how she looks, but her artistic talent. She questioned if her making art was worth the sacrifice of time, time she could be doing laundry, etc., she questioned if what she made was worth it. This artist even gets haters on her page trying to shame her for how much paint she uses. Can you believe that? But those thoughts creep in when her guard is down and add to her own self talk about her art, her process.

This comment was amazing. I think it works for negative self talk, too. So I thought I would share it, I love the physical, the active way this person deals with these words that surface.

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