Saturday, June 27, 2020


Don't let Covid stop you from staying active and crushing that triathlon you had been training for.
Tomorrow we tackle the 5th Annual Lipedema Triathlon! #athome changes it up a bit, no pool, no gym, but we make it work!

750M SWIM: I started the day with a half hour on the rowing machine, in place of my 750M swim, since the YMCA pool was not open due to Covid.

20K BIKE: I rode my stationary bike for the 20K bike portion of the event. Here is my live post right after I finished it...

“ Holy smokes I did the full 20K bike portion! 
In prior triathlons (at the gym) I would average about an hour for the 20K, but I haven’t been training like past years, due to gym closings.

Cardio is my biggest challenge, and I just did a 30 minute row before getting on the new stationary bike I purchased for this event. 

This bike is different than the high end bikes at the gym, but I have been trying to do 5 minutes at a time (about a mile) during the day to stay active.

My goal for today was so 12.4 sessions of 5 minutes, started with the first one, and then stood where I was, stretched out, and tried to keep my stretch to 30 seconds.  Before I knew it I was half way done!

Once I get to the half way point of a workout, I’m usually pretty stubborn and try for one more mile, then one more, etc.

At 11.2 miles my pedal fell off! Literally. Thankfully my road crew (best husband and coach in the world) hops out of the shower and got me back up and running in about 5 minutes!”

5K RUN/WALK: Typically I use the treadmill at the gym, partly so I can hold on, so the #athome version was mowing the lawn! I was exhausted and took a small breather in between the bike and the mow, but coach timed me, I pushed hard and got a half hour in. Not sure the distance, I assume about half a 5K, since it normally takes me about or won in the treadmill.

After the Row

After the Bike

After the Mow

YAY, WE ARE OFFICIALLY 5th ANNUAL LIPEDEMA TRIATHLON FINISHERS! Congrats to all who participate in any way, and to those who helped us spread awareness.

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