Friday, February 10, 2017

Getting Down with GPP

I must admit when coach/hubby first mentioned GPP to me, the 1991 Naughty By Nature song popped into my head... "you down with OPP - yeah, you know me".

Well GPP is much less controversial, it stands for General Physical Preparedness, and everyone should be getting down with it.

General Physical Preparedness is exactly what it sounds like, being prepared for the physical aspects of your life. Whether that is an athletic event coming up, taking walks with your family, getting to/from work, running errands, doing chores, or moving about your house.

GPP is not a new concept, it came into the forefront when firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and military men and women started looking for a better way to prepare themselves for the physical demands of their jobs. 

Just like these Occupational Athletes, being prepared for our daily lives is important. Our daily lives may not be as physically demanding as those who have chosen to protect and serve, but they still pose physical challenges, add to that the challenges of living with Lipedema and it can seem incredibly overwhelming.

GPP workouts were created to improve your overall fitness by improving your strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, etc. Being fit helps us all to fight off being injured during our daily lives.

Traditionally, athletes preparing for an event (like a runner does for a marathon, or a MMA fighter does for an upcoming fight, etc.) would follow a SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness) regimen to get ready for their event, and they would follow a more GPP style regimen after.

I mention marathon runners and MMA fighters because those are the folks I train with. Our CrossFit style workouts are primarily GPP, and while it helps my training mates prepare and become better athletes, it helps me prepare and become better able to live with Lipedema.

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