Monday, December 11, 2023

Lipedema & Hair Loss

Next Wednesday (12/20) is the December Lipedema Patient Roundtable, hosted by @lympha_press and we always have amazing conversations and ask you for any questions you may have.

Today I received a really great question about lipedema and hair loss, and if there is any connection.

Over the years many of us in the #lipedemacommunity have shared a reduced need to shave our legs, due to less hair, but this question was in regard to the hair on our heads.

We now know lipedema can be found anywhere in our bodies, including in our heads, and we have begun to see the term #glymphaticsystem popping up more and more lately (lymphatics in the central nervous system) - so it would seem that yes, there is a possible connection.

Do you have lipedema in your head, and if so, have you noticed any hair loss? We would love to have you tune in next week, and share your experience with us in the chat.

Registration is required to participate/watch live. If you can’t join us live, we would love your input in the comments, and I will share it live.

I did some initial research and found a condition called #lipedematous scalp - a rare disorder characterized by increased thickness of subcutaneous tissue of the scalp, which can cause hair loss. The terminology is quite similar and has me asking so many other questions. 

Hope you can tune in. Thank you!

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