Monday, November 9, 2015

One Body, One Life

Can you imagine the care you would take of your vehicle, if you only got one in your lifetime?

Photo by Casey Etter-Bobb #badnova 

Take a moment to really think about that, what would you do if you just got one vehicle? What would you pick as that vehicle? Something fast and fun? Something comfortable? Something that could transition through your stages of life?

We each have different attachments to our vehicles, some use them for transportation, some for fun, some even for show, like the picture above from our good friends Thomas Bobb and Casey Etter-Bobb, they were the first place I thought to seek out a photo to illustrate an amazingly well taken care of vehicle. 

The point being, that we take great care of our vehicles now, even when we trade them in every few years, and our bodies deserve at least the same level of care.

You are worth the best attention, the best love,
the best of everything you can muster!

I know some days it can seem overwhelming with the amount of time, care, and attention we put into living with Lipedema, and feeling overwhelmed is when our emotional side needs the most love. But taking the best possible care of our bodies is not just good advice for those of us with Lipedema, it is good advice for every BODY.

Keep up the good fight my friends, you are doing things now that you will continue to see the benefits of for many many years down the road. We don't get to trade our chassis in, we only get the one.

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