Friday, June 2, 2017


Last year we setup and completed the first Lipedema Triathlon, with the help of my training mates, friends and the Saratoga Springs YMCA.

Fast forward to this year, and I am so excited to say the Saratoga Springs YMCA once again is letting us hold the triathlon at their facility, and even more exciting, they want to open it up to others (outside of Lipedema) that have mobility concerns, I just love that!

As I found out last year, Triathlon races vary in distance, the one we are focusing on is the Sprint: 750-meter (0.47-mile) swim, 20-kilometer (12-mile) bike, 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) run/walk. Here is a break down of what we will be doing come June 24:

Swim - The most common pool sizes built today are either 25 meters or 50 meters (Olympic size) so 750 meters will be 30 lengths in the smaller pool and 15 lengths in the Olympic.

Bike - Most bikes (road or stationary) calculate mileage, but if not , just calculate your speed (MPH) by your duration to get you to 12 miles.

Run/Walk - Most treadmills calculate mileage; or if using a standard indoor track (200 meters), you would need to do 25 laps for a 5K. If using a standard outdoor track (400 meters), you would need to do 12.5 laps.

Wish us Luck, and spread the word, June is Lipedema Awareness Month!


  1. anyone have a Dr. who knows about this disease. I wear compression and am considering liposuction but closest dr I found who does spcific lipo for lipedema is in NYCity. Also can I get on email list for this triathalon?

    1. Hi, the Triathlon was in June, we try to do it every June, I have set up the signup genius link if you want to use this link - it is subject to change and has not yet been approved by the YMCA, but is a way for you to get on the list for next year:

      Doctor recommendations would be based on location - Dr. Herbst in AZ is the most knowledgable Dr. in Lipedema, but not sure if taking new patients. FDRS is a great website with more info: