Thursday, January 16, 2020

Top Fitness Items of 2019

My favorite fitness items purchased, gifted, borrowed, and found last year... and the good news is, I’m still using them all!
Best purchased, gifts, borrowed and found fitness objects of 2019 to help stay active with Lipedema

BEST PURCHASE = ASICS Sonoma GTX (gortex) winter running sneakers. I tried these in place of boots, since boots are so hard to find when you have Lipedema; they keep my feet dry, no slipping/falling, AND they don’t hurt my ankles!

BEST GIFT = Gonex Sport Dry Wet Separation (aka pool) Bag. Super lightweight, and has one side for wet clothes, suit, flip flops, and one side for anything you want to keep dry (compression, underclothes, makeup bag, etc.). It fits perfectly in the top section of the gym locker, too.

BEST BORROW = TRX Suspension Trainer. Great training tool for all levels of fitness. I like it for standing pull-ups and pushups, and excited to try more ways of strengthening my entire body with it.

BEST FOUND (IN MY OWN CLOSET) = Gaiam Resistance Cord. I won a gym bag full of fitness items at a conference years ago, I had been using the bag as my pool bag up until my gifted one from Coach this year, and one of the items inside the bag was a Gaiam resistance cord (also called resistance tubing) with handles. I can’t tell you how long it sat on the shelf in my closet, but I use it now to help strengthen my hip abductor and adductor muscles in an effort to improve my gait. It can also be used for upper body work.

What are some of your favorite fitness items that you use all the time?
FYI: not sponsored, just my personal POV.

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