Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Be Your Own Editor In Chief: Curate What You Need To See

I have come to realize social media has become our newspaper, and our favorite magazine. 

For better or worse, every time we log in we learn the latest about our world, and I love that I can be Editor in Chief of what I see (at least on Instagram). I curate it every time I search for, like, and follow, someone or something. And when I want, I can also unfollow pages to take away what I don’t want to see any more.
Curate the magazine of your life by choosing what you want to see in your social media; it's like a magazine made just for you.

Mine is a mix up of Lipedema, fashion, fitness, art, dance, bopo, music, etc. I see so many bodies that look just like mine doing glorious things, and I LOVE IT! 

It really helps me appreciate my body, my abilities, right now in this very moment.

At the same time I am removing things I don’t want to see. Things that might derail my life plan. Sometimes it is something that I might have felt did suit me, but as I evolve, as I appreciate my body for all it can do, and thus my thoughts can change.

Continually updating what you are interested in, and removing what no longer serves you, really personalizes what you see.

Get creative! Think about anything the peeks your interest, search for it and like, share, follow those pages and posts.

See a comment on a page you like that is interesting, click on the poster of the comment, follow them; see who follows the pages you like and what they post, look to see who the pages you like follow, so many options for finding interesting new content.

As you log in and see things that don’t resonate with you, cut them out. Don’t give them access to your magazine. It’s like going through your favorite magazine, and tearing out the pages you don’t want to see,

What is your #1 most favorite page to follow, and why?

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