Thursday, April 15, 2021

Finding Self Love with Lipedema

Self Love can be a challenging journey for anyone, but living with a chronic illness (like Lipedema) makes that journey extra challenging.

We can see ourselves as less than, when our bodies don’t function like others, don’t look like others, don’t feel like others.

Our self care becomes less about indulgence, and more about necessity, about survival.

Self care for chronic illnesses can make us feel guilty, on top of feeling less than, and we can blame ourselves.

Blame, not just for having the condition, but for any progression of our condition we might endure. 

Did we not move enough, not eat the right things, need more self care, taking too much time away from family, etc.

It is a viscous cycle that chips away at your self worth every day. 

Finding ways to combat those thoughts and feelings are crucial on the journey to self love.

But it can feel overwhelming.

I get asked a lot... So how do you start loving yourself?

1. Start by showing yourself compassion. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

2. Stop blaming yourself.

3. Find gratitude in yourself.

4. Find things you like about yourself.

5. Start a hobby, take an interesting class, see yourself as more than your condition.

You are so much more than someone with Lipedema. It may be something you have, but it does not have to define you.

Starting the journey to self love may not be easy, but YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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