Monday, October 25, 2021


On November 6, 2020 I signed up for the Peloton App, and let me tell you, it was a game changer.

I picked up a bike in 2019 for the at home version of the 5th Annual Lipedema Triathlon (due to the pandemic, the Saratoga YMCA was closed and couldn't host us, like they had for the prior 4 years).

It worked, and I rode in 5 minute increments, to reach my 20K triathlon destination.

As I was sharing with my sister (a huge Peloton fan, she has the bike and was very close to her 500th ride) how not fun riding the bike was for me, she said "you need to try Peloton".

But due to my late stage Lipedema, I am too heavy for the weight limit of the Peloton Bike, BUT, while I was on their website looking into it, I saw they also offered the App for folks with their own bikes; the bike was not a requirement!

I signed up for the app on the spot, and had 30 free days to see if I would use it, and if the monthly fee would be worth it for me. IT WAS!!!

I, too, am a huge fan, and was getting closer and closer to my 100th Ride (they call it the Century Ride), so initially I set a goal to reach my 100th ride by year end, until I completed my 75th ride on Sept. 30th, and was reminded that my One Year Anniversary with the Peloton App was on Nov. 6th; in that moment I decided to up my game, and try to reach my 100th ride by my anniversary date!

It would mean 25 rides in a month and 5 days, and one of those weeks we would be camping in the Adirondacks, with no access to my bike.

Well I just finished my 91st ride (with Robin Arzon) during my lunch break today, and am in the home stretch of my challenge, that I hope to finish with Robin on 11/5/21 at 5:35pm ET for her HIIT Ride! Click that link to join us if you like, we would love the company.

This will be my 100th Ride, and I'll be in the Century Club once I complete it! I only have 9 more rides, and 11 days to complete them in, and all I can say is, we've got this!


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