Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Morning Routine - Before I get out of bed. 

Elevate your legs on pillows (should be above your heart for first three movements).

(10) Deep Belly breaths

(10) Toe Crunches - basically squeeze your toes and relax them

(10) Ankle Pumps - flex then point your toes

Remove pillows

(10) Leg Clamshell - knees bent, feet on bed, open and close your knees

(10) Knee Raises - bring bent knee up to chest and do (10) on each leg

(10) Glute Squeezes - clench your booty and then release 

(10) Bridges - keep knees bent, feet on the bed and then lift your hips up

(10) Trunk Rotations - I keep my bottom half flat on the bed and rotate the upper body slowly to one side then the other

(10) Groin Massages - tons of lymph nodes in there, this is a gentle touch,  MLD style, then I also use my fingertips spread out and rake up from thighs to abdomen, again this is not deep/painful, it is more gentle than that (trying to move lymph, not break up fibrotic tissue if that helps).

(10) Deep Breaths and then I massage around the belly button in expanding circles I go right to left. 

Then I get out of bed. I always feel better than if I get up before doing these movements.

You can modify anything, if you can’t do something then skip it, or do something similar, or do less than 10 reps. 

I don’t race through the movements, I like to do with intension, and they also don’t take very long.

This is my routine, what is yours?

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