Thursday, September 8, 2022

Not Fragile Like a Flower

I remember hearing this phrase in relation to the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg #rbg …

… and it has been used in relation to the amazing #fridakahlo 

It resonates loudly with me, and it also resonates with those living with a #chronicillness 

The truth of the matter is, flowers are not so fragile either, maybe on the surface, but they come back time and time again…

I was reading some research on @ecowatch about scientists finding some so called “delicate flowers” (like the orchid and the sweet pea) have the remarkable ability to recover from injury. Able to bend and twist themselves after sustaining an injury to not only survive, but thrive!

As I’m healing from my own injury, this resonated with me loudly and had me thinking how much we are like those flowers, how much we bend and twist to not only survive, but thrive with #lipedema 

How are you bending and twisting?

Or are you twisting and shouting! 

“Well, shake it up baby!” However that looks to you, don’t let an injury sideline your life. Healing and all that goes into it is important, but so is seeing what else we are capable of. 

Anyone else want this on a tshirt? Think I’m turning my graphic into some @zazzle Merch!

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