Friday, November 25, 2022

Burpee Breakdown: Lipedema Fitness

Coach wrote the Saturday workout post. It was one word. BURPEES.

Imagine getting almost no sleep, and waking up to the alarm to read the workout is burpees 😳 my body was so tired. 

The “we should stay home” thoughts were growing louder. 

I always break down the task when that voice starts chiming in… brush my teeth, couple of yoga poses, do the first ten minutes of vibration plate, do the second ten minutes of vibration plate, get your compression on. Do the warm up. Do the workout. 

And what a workout, we did Tabata burpees (3) 6 minute rounds, first slow, then faster, then even faster.

I did the first six minutes as prescribed, the slower pace let me be able to get down and up off the floor in time. The second and third rounds were on the plyo box. The plyo box has multiple sides, each a different height, so you can play around with intensity by adjusting the height.

I was glad I made it to the workout. I might still take a nap later, but very glad I made the effort, and breaking down the steps got me there.

Even if I couldn’t do the workout, getting through the warmup would have been good, or getting the self care in would have been good, etc. - only we know what we are capable of. 

Some days staying in bed and getting the much needed rest is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Other days we might need to break down the steps, and get through what we can, and other days we wake up ready to go.

Happy weekend!


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