Friday, February 19, 2021

Traveling with Lipedema: Self Care MODs

Traveling with Lipedema can take a toll. I brought my travel vibration plate, my optimal plus pump, and my Wahl hand held massager like I always do. 

But sometimes your new surroundings can make self care extra challenging. 

The bed is too high to use my pump like I normally do, so I tried the couch, and my left leg kept sliding off yesterday - I found when I was done I had been using a lot of muscle to keep it in place and my groin was sore. Today I added a little ottoman to give it support and it seems to work much better.

We adjust, we modify, we get creative (you should see me catapult myself into the bed - it is waste high, even when using my vibration plate as a step stool) 🤣 

#nevergiveupneversurrender #justkeepswimming 

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