Sunday, January 30, 2022


Saturday WOD at the dojo was about noticing areas in our bodies that need attention and slowly working them out.

I have been reading Fascial Fitness, which talks about practical exercises that help us stay flexible and mobile and pain free (wouldn’t that be nice). 

What I realized today in doing the ground work with coach, is that all of it sort of falls under Somatics.

Somatics is about a mind-body connection. Taking time to scan your body and listen to signals it sends (about areas of pain, discomfort, or imbalance, etc.) then with gentle movements and breath work easing into the edge of that discomfort and then back out into areas that feel stronger, and going into and out of each to knead it, massage it, coach says flossing it. Gently working out the discomfort to free up movement.

We did a lot of ground work, which can be very painful when you have lipedema (we have nodules in the effected areas that are painful to the touch, let alone applying pressure on kneeling or raising legs overhead while lying in the ground, etc.) , at one point it was so painful I couldn’t find the parts of my body that felt strong and at ease to counterbalance the areas that needed working on, it felt like my entire body was in pain. 

Thankfully we had a crash pad that gave me some relief, and I could then use my yoga strap to help raise my legs overhead - I typically do these movements in my bed, so I highly recommend that as an option.

At one point it felt like I sent my body through a press and all this congestion and stuffiness was left in my head. You can see the swelling in my face in the picture.

At another point during the class tears were running down my face. At first I was like what the heck is going on, but that is trauma I carry in my body being released. Our bodies are amazing tools, they let go even when we don’t know why or how. Letting the tears flow and not putting any guilt or shame on them is key, it is helping me heal, helping my body let go and make room for more healing. Mindfulness during body work is equally as important as breathing, and moving gently into position.

Another realization is once again, understanding my mind does not like going into places of vulnerability, I like (need) those things that make me feel strong, empowered, while living with a chronic condition like Lipedema, but I also have to be vulnerable sometimes in order to heal and move forward, letting go of what doesn’t serve my journey,

I look forward to exploring more with all this kind body work.

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