Sunday, January 2, 2022

Reset, Restart, or Let it Ride

We have a saying in our house, “restart, don’t reset”. 

It is based on the less than ideal cable service we have, restarting the network is a regular occurrence.

But what’s the difference? 

Restarting is turning it off, and back on again, but resetting is erasing.

It got me thinking about that analogy in regards to self care treatments for my Lipedema.

Do you need to take a break from something you are trying for your Lipedema treatment? 

Then do it, power down that effort, and when you are ready turn it back on again.

Or do you need to reset what you are doing altogether? 

Do you need to let go of something, to let in something new?

Or maybe you have a routine that is working perfectly, and you need to let it ride?

It can be overwhelming, so looking at where you are in this very moment (it can change from day to day), is how we get the clues we need to know how to begin.

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