Sunday, October 16, 2022

Fear is a Heavy Load

Lipedema is a very physical, and emotional journey. 

Fear can seep in, and when it does, I find I have to do my best to fight to not stay in that vulnerable place of fear, or it only grows and holds me captive.

It is not easy to validate what is causing the fear, and not letting it hold me. But it is a must.

I use all my tools - deep breathing, making art, meditation, singing, dancing, moving my body in a loving way, and above all being kind to myself.

Losing my mobility due to lipedema is an example of one of my fears. When I acknowledged it is a founded concern, and then went deeper about what I could do to offset that, I came to making my body stronger. 

That began my post diagnosis fitness training, and it continues ten plus years later. Even doing ten standing push-ups goes a long way to making my body feel strong. 

The physical aids the emotional, and vise verse.

Some days I am stronger physically, some days I am stronger emotionally, it is like a great relationship, it ebbs and flows as I need it to.

Fear will continue to show up, but finding tools to acknowledge it and finding things to offset it are key for me.

What do you find helpful when fear shows up?

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