Sunday, January 8, 2023

Rest & Recovery Post Compare

JANUARY 2023 Post: Physical & Emotional R&R

Rest & Recovery is a regular go-to for me on Sundays, our hardest workout day tends to be Saturdays and my body lets me know it needs that rest on Sunday. 

But the rest day is equally as important for our emotional well-being. 

Giving yourself permission to rest (isn’t that a powerful statement, I give myself permission) to let go of the heavy lifting (mentally). 

Sometimes rest days are an active recovery, like a walk in nature, a recovery bike ride, etc. but some rest days are completely unplugging and detaching from all the distractions our lives may be presenting.

All the focus on mindfulness, creating daily prompts, and really thinking things through has made me emotionally exhausted this week. 

Time to tap out. I’m going to take a shower, spend extra time on non Lipedema self care, and look for a nice recovery ride, because my bike has become a place I can do as the instructors tell us, and drop the baggage. 

Turn my headphones up high and sing along, sorry family 🤣 How are you unplugging today? 

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NOVEMBER 2022 Post: Purely Physical R&R

Rest and recovery days are so important, and part of that should be tuning in to your body and seeing what you notice. 

Did you have a hard workout and feel specific muscles you want to target in your recovery today? Did you tweak something that might need massage? Do you need extra sleep?

For me today is about my glutes, lats, and calves. The hard workout yesterday has left me with some very sore muscles and as I gently work on those that are screaming loudest, they start to ease up and some of the others will then start to speak up. 

The coolest thing I’m noticing is my sore bits are muscular from a hard workout, and not painful Lipedema bits.

The other great news is how my journey has progressed over the past ten years, now instead of my lower legs feeling like one big sore part of me, like a solid mass, I can isolate calf muscles that are sore, and feel them, so I can stretch them and massage them to ease them. 

I liked my vibration plate session this morning and looking at a recovery peloton ride to take as well.

How do you recover?


I find it interesting to review these two posts from a few months apart; one purely physical (from November) and today’s Mindful Movement Collaboration post that is both physical and emotional, with a lean towards the emotional rest needed.

I love how riding the bike in a Peloton recovery ride was the go-to for both ♥️

Finding an activity that can be helpful for both physical and emotional well-being is a win!

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