Thursday, September 21, 2023

Badass & Healing Event

Last Monday we took the first of four Peloton Reflection rides with instructor, Christine D’Ercole. 

It was the “I Am” ride of the #iamicaniwillido process of recognizing and changing our self talk.

When you say “I am”, what words follow? 

A lot of times they are not easy to say out loud. Our self talk can be pretty brutal.

One thing Christine said during the ride was once we are able to say them, we may need to edit them.

Especially if your phrase starts with I am not… (strong enough, tall enough, smart enough, small enough, etc.)

We need to take the “not” out… I am strong enough, or just “I am strong”. I am smart enough, or just “I am smart”. 

The taking the “nots” out turned into a visual for me, as in untying the knots of the things that tie us up and hold us back. Seeing myself visually untying the knots that are holding me back, and as I untied each heavy criticism, I was lifted up a little more, they were no longer weighing me down, and I could begin to soar to new heights. 

That is the power of journaling. Really spending time with your words, your thoughts, validating those that come to the surface (those we may not even realize we are thinking/saying), and working through them let’s us know where we are at in this moment. And knowing that, helps us move to where we want to be.

April Sluder from The Lipedema Journey is amazing with writing prompts and agreed to collaborate with us on this event, to help us work through those emotions. 

But let’s not forget the physical side. The ride itself gets us to drop our baggage, to let go of all the life things on our shoulders, that make us need to stuff down the very personal emotional journey we are on. It is a body/mind journey - some days more body, some days more mind. 

The connection to the #fascia and those knots/adhesions are also not lost on me, how we work through the fibrotic tissue to open the flow! 

Do you see why I have needed some extra time to write and process. That is what #badassandhealing means we can be #badass and still be #healing at the same time.

The “I Can” ride will be on 10/2/23 at 6:30pm EDT, if you want to join us. You can find us at #lipedemafitness on the Peloton leaderboard. And you have time to go take the “I Am” ride if you missed it on Monday.

If you do not know, you don’t need a peloton bike to participate, you can get the peloton app and use your own stationary bike, that is what I do. I’m a huge fan of all the classes peloton offers in their app, not just cycling, but treadmill, strength, yoga, meditation, etc. so many classes, so little time LOL.

Also, Christine D’Ercole has an amazing website and does a lot of self talk healing work called wordshops. Highly recommend checking them out.

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