Thursday, October 5, 2023

Menopause Monkey Wrench on my Lipedema Journey

Warning ⚠️ we interrupt this usually positive blog for some #realtalk 

Some days #menopause feels like a big #monkeywrench in my #lipedema journey.

Transitioning through menopause made my lipedema symptoms spike! My mobility took a hit (that thing I worked so hard the past ten years to regain)! 

Not to mention the typical menopause changes we can go through. Ok, so I mentioned them. #iykyk 

But purely lipedema based rant - the #selfcare things that were working well for me, allowing me to be active, and do all the things I wanted to, when I wanted to do them, are no longer working the same way. 

I’m sure they are still helping, and yes, I’m still doing them all, and then some, they are just not helping at the same level.

Which is super frustrating. It takes a long time for each person with lipedema to figure out what works (so much we try doesn’t, even when it does for others) - so when you have a nice set schedule of self care that helps you feel somewhat normal, and then poof, it no longer works the same, and it is time to retry everything all over again and see what sticks - it is not only frustrating but exhausting on top of those regular changes women go through - it can leave you with zero spoons! #spoontheory 

It has me questioning surgery big time, the only thing currently that can remove the diseased tissue, but now I’m post menopausal, so I question the recovery at my age, the cost as I near retirement, and at late stage and higher BMI is it even an option? I never wanted surgery, so it is down right scary to even contemplate it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the Queen of MODs and positivity BUT some days it is utter BS what we deal with. 

And my heart goes out to all in our community dealing with even more debilitating conditions on top of lipedema, on top of menopause. Which makes me feel horrible for even sharing my frustration. 

Movement is still key for me, had to switch up what I do, and really listen to my body clues, but movement in general is key.

#mindfulmovement is the name of the game. Giving my body love for all she does for me 💜 will lead my self care now and always. Rant over.


  1. This disease is unbearably unfair at times and certainly menopause is a time where it can progress even more. Always know you are amazing and inspire many. Ultimately our bodies will allow what it will allow. We know stage 4 women have such value even if their bodies are limited and uncooperative. It’s still unfair though.

    1. It sure is a challenge, gratefully we have each other to help on those not so good days. Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it.