Sunday, December 18, 2022

Lipedema Fitness: 10K Members Strong

This blows my mind! 🤯

Just noticed we have 10.2K members in our Lipedema Fitness Facebook support group (and all members personally have Lipedema). 10,000 people who 100% get you!

We started this group to spread awareness for #lipedema and the importance of staying active.

It went against what the advise was back then (the fear that exercise could make our symptoms worse), but that has all changed. Now medical professionals advocate for staying as active as possible, and suggest our group to new patients!

Over the years we have supported each other through many challenges, and we have learned first hand that we are stronger together! We do not have to walk this journey alone.

I never wanted anyone to feel alone with this condition, and I never knew how grateful I would be to this condition for bringing me the most amazing friends.

For all those thinking about sharing your story, or starting a group, please do it. 

We may all have similar stories, but each is unique in their own way, and you will reach so many others and keep this awareness building until the world has no other option but to listen and help us find answers, and treatments, and one day soon, hopefully a cure.

Thank you to every single member in our group! You inspire me every single day. 

Thank you to every medical professional that sees us and helps in so many wonderful ways.

In July we will celebrate 10 YEARS!


We will celebrate something fierce!

Feeling incredibly grateful 💜 

#lipedemafitness #strongertogether #allorsomething 

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