Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Lipedema Awareness: Blood Vessel Fragility (aka Bruises Easily)

Everyone knows how easily bananas can bruise, and that is also something people with Lipedema share in common, we bruise easily - which is most likely caused by an increased fragility of our blood vessels.

Blood Vessel Fragility diseases share something in common, too… defective collagen.

Defective collagen weakens the vessels and makes them more susceptible to bleeding from minor trauma.

You would think that just means we should take in more collagen, but I’ve tried this and personally it causes pain in my feet, but others find it does help their Lipedema symptoms.

One of the biggest lessons learned when living with Lipedema, is that we all are different in how we present with our symptoms, and in how treatments, movement, ways of eating, supplements, surgery, etc. works for each of us.

Sharing in support groups is so helpful; seeing what others try & how it works for them is helpful. Not just for ideas, but to help us to not feel alone (or to blame ourselves) if something works for others, but not for us. We are not to blame.

JUNE IS LIPEDEMA AWARENESS MONTH - please spread awareness, so we can get others diagnosed sooner, when treatments will work better.

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