Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Lipedema Awareness: Lipedema Translates to Fluid in the Fat

The visual heaviness of this image, is exactly what it feels like when I walk, as someone with Stage 3 #lipolymphedema 

Do you remember playing with water balloons as a Kid? Trying to see how much water you could fill up the balloon with, without it bursting? Remember the way it pulled and moved as you moved your hand?

Lipedema feels like you are wearing a heavy, water-filled suit, that moves independently with every step you take. It is heavy and tiring to carry around, and to some it feels like it sloshes as you move, to others it feels like cement.

At a recent trip to the ocean, my body became one with the ocean, I was so buoyant I was being tossed all over, even Coach could not hold me still sitting in the edge of the beach. I got sea sick within minutes, and that was heartbreaking as the ocean is my happy place.

JUNE IS LIPEDEMA AWARENESS MONTH, please spread awareness, so those with the condition can get diagnosed before they are late stage 3 like me. I have Primary Lipedema, and because it took so long to get diagnosed, I was late stage and had lymphedema on top of it. Early diagnosis would have gone a long way in saving my mobility, and slowing progression. I spread awareness to help others get diagnoses sooner than I was.

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