Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Lipedema Awareness: Fibrotic Nodules

Lipedema tissue is unlike regular adipose tissue, it has hard fibrotic nodules that can range in size, and continue to grow larger as the condition progresses.

The nodules feel like peas, rice, beans, etc. depending on their size, and you can feel them just under the skin. 

You can feel it by gently touching and palpating the area, which is one of the techniques used by trained medical professionals to diagnose the condition.

But be careful if you are touching someone with Lipedema, as it can be excruciating for them to be touched. 

They believe the fibrotic nodules are created because Lipedema is loose connective tissue that allows more fluid to collect than a body with healthy connective tissue. The extra fluid limits oxygen getting to the area which creates a viscous cycle of inflammation and fibrosis, so the nodules continue to grow.

You can read more in the Standard of Care for Lipedema in the USA.

JUNE IS LIPEDEMA AWARENESS MONTH please help us spread awareness so others can be diagnosed sooner. Thank you!

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